mardi 19 avril 2016

11 mag cap on antique firearms.

So we have to assume that you are referring to a mag which you possessed since 2000 and thus is legal to possess to begin with.

Next we have to define what you mean by "antique". Do you mean C&R (i.e. more than 50 years old and on the C&R list)? Or do you mean "antique as in manufactured before 1899?

In either event - it doesn't matter. The configuration of the weapon is the key for whether you can use the mag on it or not. What weapon do you have that is actually on the C&R list that can actually use a hi-cap mag and has the "evil features" under CA AW law? I can't think of any at the moment.

Long story short - IF it's configured so as to be an AW (i.e. center fire, pistol grip etc). then NO you can't use the "hi-cap" in it. OTOH, if it is "featureless" AND you legally possess the mag, go for it. The age of the weapon has NOTHING to do with it.

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11+ mag cap on antique firearms.

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