vendredi 15 avril 2016

2k of Fiocchi 223 55gr - San Diego

Came up to some financial hardship and, unfortunately, I need to sell off most of my reloading, ammo, rifles and handguns. Hope to keep a few so those are not listed, at this time. Links to all sale items are below.

Located in North County San Diego.

Make: Fiocchi
Caliber: 223
Bullet: FMJ 55gr
Qty: two 1k boxes. Never opened and stored in cool dry location
Price $325/box or $620 for both

Pistols for sale - FNH FNX 9, Sig P226 Extreme
Rifles for sale - SCAR17, LMT CQB MRP, MegaArms AR
Reloading for sale - Hornady LNL NIB

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2k of Fiocchi 223 55gr - San Diego

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