samedi 23 avril 2016

A message from Edward Peruuta

To the readers on Calguns:

I have the good fortune to have met and befriended Carl Higbie a former Navy Seal and regular Fox News commentator.

Carl and I became friends through his legal issues in a Connecticut family court issue regarding firearms. Attorney Rachel M. Baird, who I work for as a legal investigator was asked to research and address a father's right to possess and carry firearms during time with his child. The judge ruled in Carl's favor last week.

Carl Higbie will be introducing Donald Trump at the event in Bridgeport Connecticut later today, and called me last night to inform me that I will be given VIP media credentials and a the opportunity to meet Mr. Trump at the event later today.

I would like to assure Mr. Trump that he has my complete and unwavering support in his quest to obtain the Republican nomination, and that I will assist him in any way possible.

I have attempted to represent California firearm owners, those seeking permits to carry concealed firearms and the National Rifle Association professionally and honestly since filing the law suit.

I now feel comfortable asking everyone seeking 2nd Amendment rights in California to join me in my support of Donald Trump.

I honestly believe that Mr. Trump's nomination as the Republican candidate is the best way to send a message to every other candidate and political party.


Thank you,

Ed Peruta

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A message from Edward Peruuta

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