mercredi 13 avril 2016

Affordable Rangefinders for shooting?

So I'm interested in buying an affordable rangefinder. By 'affordable' I'm looking at about $150 max. The main goal is to range distances of targets. I don't hunt. I do have a 1000 yard capable rifle (but not the skill to shoot it that far).

So I've been looking at the Wildgame line like the Halo series or p1000x. But it seems most rangefinders are for golf. Are there shooting specific ones & do they have shooting specific tools versus golf models? And is it worth it to jump up from say a 600 yard capable to a 1000 yard capable just so you have the ability to range that far IF you want?

In the $150 range @ 1000 yards capable, waterproof (or resistant) I'd be curious as to recommendations.

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Affordable Rangefinders for shooting?

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