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Any Suggestions For Cutting/Shaping Polymer?

I purchased a handguard with a built-in flashlight (model KR-016B) for my Arsenal SAM-7K AK pistol. The handguard was supposed to be compatible with the SAM-7K but the back of it isn't shaped properly to fit in the receiver slot. I called K-Var and they told me the design had changed at some point and the description on their website was never updated to reflect that fact. I would still like to use the new handguard but I'll have to re-shape the polymer protrusion that fits into the receiver slot by removing some material.

Here's a side-by-side photo of the original handguard and the new handguard. This photo shows the rear of the handguards. The original handguard has a rectangular protrusion that fits into a slot on the receiver. The protrusion on the new handguard is wider and the top of it is shaped kind of like saw teeth.


Here's a Photoshopped picture showing how I want to re-shape the protrusion on the new handguard to match the original one.


My plan is to use a Dremel tool. I think I can use a thin cutting blade to remove the material then bevel the edges with a sanding tool if necessary. However, I'm not experienced in this sort of thing and I'll only get one try so I'm curious if anyone has any tips or suggestions? I want to do this as safely as possible since the new handguard was a little pricey.

Thank you for any advice you may offer!

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Any Suggestions For Cutting/Shaping Polymer?

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