mardi 19 avril 2016

AR 5.56 Pistol Upper

Having to thin the heard. This is a new and unfired 7.5 AR 5.56 pistol upper professionally built by Autonomous Armory in Houston, Texas.

Upper is a standard 7075 milspec upper receiver that AA uses on all their builds, not sure of the source.

The barrel is a Ballistic Armament 4150 CMV QPQ 1:7 barrel with a linear compensator.

The handguard is a 7.2 GTLKM from MAS Defense.

Upper receiver and handguard are cerakoted in multicam green with a battleworn finish.

**No BCG or charging handle** Lower is not included **

$300 plus shipping costs from Houston, Texas to your door. $300 upfront via paypal and then a 2nd paypal payment for shipping costs once it's shipped.

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AR 5.56 Pistol Upper

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