jeudi 14 avril 2016

Better or Blasphemous?

So... After about 4k rounds of flawless function and reliability with my factory Noveske Infidel, I got a wild hair and decided to change things up. The VLTOR VIS reciever wasn't doing it for me anymore and I thought a change was due. So out with the old and in with the new.

Ditched the VIS for a MUR and Centurion CMR setup. Gone is the KX3 and the original barrel now wears a BE Meyers 249f. Swapped out buttstocks, B5 for a BCM and the Comp M4s for a T1. Added a BAD ambi safety for fun. I think it turned out well.

My only regret was that I changed up a rifle with Johns signature on the certificate. But after about 1k rounds through the new setup I think I made a solid decision. Lighter and handles much better.



No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.

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Better or Blasphemous?

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