mardi 19 avril 2016

Can I take the DOJ to small claims court?


I am on day 20 of a DROS delay for a handgun I paid for on March 30th at an LGS. I have no idea why I am delayed, I have successfully purchased and picked up four firearms subsequent to this delay, and the shop that sold the gun to me says that they do not release undetermined DROS delay guns to the buyer, they just cancel the sale altogether.

I am pondering just re-DROSing the pistol again after the 30 days, which I presume will cost another $25.

So................can I take the DOJ to small claims court for that second $25 if I subsequently am approved the second time around? I would mostly be doing it for spite and to throw a wrench (however small) in the gears by forcing a DOJ rep to go to court.

The way I see it, if the DOJ denies a background check due to an error of THEIRS (this has to be the case at this point), how can they get away with levying another fee?

Please don't tell me it is not worth it, bla bla bla. I am not stupid. Just please somebody tell me it is possible. I am my own boss and can take the day off of work if need be. I just want to stick Kamala and her DOJ in the eye, and let them know that I am willing to stick up for myself.

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Can I take the DOJ to small claims court?

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