mercredi 20 avril 2016

Caspian longslide build -Complete

DefaultCaspian longslide build -Complete

Hi everyone,
So I thought I'd share my last build with you guys. I posted a build thread over on the 1911 forums back when it was originally done, but with all the 80% builds going on lately I figured you all would like to see it too. This was a project I built for my friend, and I think it came out really well for the most part. There's a couple areas that I wasn't totally satisfied with, like the beavertail fit, and ejector fit, and some other minor details due to owners parts selection and time constraints. That being said, I got to test oUT some new tricks and my buddy was thrilled to show off his custom caspian. So enough talk. .. on to some pics!

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Caspian longslide build -Complete

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