mercredi 20 avril 2016

Consignment came back stolen.

Well it doesn't happen often (4 times in 45 years), but just had a consignment come back stolen. I have to say I was suprised this time around. Before they would call, then come get the gun, and you as a dealer were SOL if you had paid out any money. Today after informing me of the stolen property and asking me to secure it the detective immediately asked if I was out any money so they could get us refunded. I was not out money, but that was a nice offer. Good news for us dealers, looks like we have some protection now.

Now we start the fun of the stolen gun game. At least the gun is in good condition and got a professional strip and clean by me. The true owner will be getting their property back in bright and shiny condition.

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Consignment came back stolen.

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