mercredi 27 avril 2016

DIY remove blueing to achieve a matte stainless finish (PF-9)?

So I have in jail a cheap PF-9 and I am thinking I'd like to change the slide finish (and mag & slide releases) over to a stainless matte finish away from the dull and blemishy blued finish. I want to do it all myself as I don't care to throw a bunch of money at this - and I have decent skills. I watched some videos on using vinegar to remove blueing.

So some questions..

- the sights are painted I believe, no blueing - no? If so, those would stay black I hope? I have not looked into what it would take to remove them - but if I left them on, will the vinegar method ruin that finish?

- do I need to dissasemble the slide down, or can I just throw it in the vinegar treatment complete and not damage internals?

- once I do this, can I just use a 3m pad to achieve a matte finish?

-if I do all of this on the 3 parts, will they rust given they are now uncoated and just steel matte?


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DIY remove blueing to achieve a matte stainless finish (PF-9)?

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