mardi 19 avril 2016

Do-ALL Aerial Assault 12v electric clay thrower launcher $120 USED

Northern California, East Bay, Walnut Creek, Concord, Martinez, Pleasant Hill Area.

Do-ALL Aerial Assault 12v electric clay thrower/launcher.


This is a used 12volt clay thrower/launcher. It is about 4-5 years old. I probably launched 2,000 to 2,500 clays with this unit. I do not use it any more. I can't hit anything. It works put is typical cheap Chinese quality.

Unit is slightly dirty. I used it while camping in a dusty environment. Parts of the plated (galvanized) metal parts have fingerprints and corrosion because the Chinese don't know how to make a quality product. The original 12 volt power cord has been replaced with a marine quality cord (Ancor 10AWG) because the original one had cracked insulation. The cord is Yellow and Red instead of the customary Red and Black, because they didn't have a Red and Black cord. The rubber edging on the throwing arm has some rubber missing on the under side (red circle in pictures). I doesn't seem to effect anything. The rubber is just there to add friction so the clay bird rolls off the arm and spins. The bolt that holds the throwing spring has damaged threads where it rubs against the hole in the frame (Orange circle in pictures). The nuts holding that bolt tend to work loose after a while.

The only major problem I had was if the unit isn't staked down in the ground. If you just have it sitting on the ground, the entire unit will mosy every time a clay is launched. When that happens the clay stack bounces up and down which breaks clays. If you keep throwing broken clays, the unit is not staked down. I doubt it will work on loose ground or sand.



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Do-ALL Aerial Assault 12v electric clay thrower launcher $120 USED

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