samedi 23 avril 2016

Found another JM Marlin Lever thank you OC Armory in Laguna Hills

In OC I really like OC Armory. Mike is a great guy and since he's close I stop
By (while my Wife is at Macy's topping off my Credit Card) and always check his
Used gun rack.

Today (Saturday) I dropped in. Mikes a busy guy and a multitasker who had a store full of people and I just say Hi as I walk in and head for his used gun and consignment rack which is on the Floor with his Dog guarding the space. Neat Dog and loves to talk. Haha.

I admit...I am a Lever Gun Fanatic. Sorry to say that our lame politicians here in Calfornia are trying to Ban semi auto center fire rifles and for a time until we can
somehow overcome this injustice, I will consider a Lever Gun a future assault rifle. If you lived in NYC, a Lever Gun is your ONLY choice to protect you and your family. Sad state of affairs and I shed tears for our Country.

So I head over to the Rack and see a perfect Marlin 30-30 on consignment, I grab it, fondle it, almost like a starving dog who just found a good meal.....

Open the action and its pristine. Looks at the checkering and no safe rash. Wow....

It's a Marlin, original JM marked barrel. Does life get much better than this..?

Serial number 93012967....will research the year tonight.

Asking price $375...... I need another Marlin...? No....I have several Wife has 100 pairs of Shoes.....

Out with the credit card......done deal.....don't judge me, fellow Cal Guns members....I just had to buy it....when I die, I am giving it to Kestryll... but don't tell him....he deserves it.....

Some photos....

Very wear and probably 10 rounds of 30-30

Typical Marlin Quality......excellent.

I really think we should be collecting these Marlin Lever Guns...what a hoot to shoot and I really love the 30-30 round. A perfect round for hunting and not much recoil.

Be well


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Found another JM Marlin Lever thank you OC Armory in Laguna Hills

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