vendredi 15 avril 2016

Good buying experience- Trinity Force Triangular Keymod FF Rail.

I wanted a triangular shaped handguard, because I prefer the flat bottom of the M16A1. Unfortunately, the only ones available for a while were the PRI SPR rail, and a Seekins model. Both of which were far too expensive. I had been looking at the Trinity force P1812 Triangular keymod for a while, but the reviews on the Gen 1 rails were not to spectacular. Well, I found one in 9", which I had been having trouble finding any rail for under $100, and decided to risk it. The one I got is a Gen II Rail, and they have added a groove to the barrel nut, and a set screw on the bottom to stop it from sliding forward, which was a problem with Gen I. It is really a NICE, solid rail so far. I really don't see it getting loose with a little lock tite.

Also have to say, for what seems like a small operation, KTK Sales has GREAT prices, and a low $4 flat rate shipping, which was also fairly quick. The Rail was $75 and the Anderson stripped upper was $45, for a total of $124 shipped! The item was not in stock, but they still got it shipped out in just a couple days.

One thing though. They shipped the items in their actual boxes, and taped them together. No outer packaging. Which accounts for the low shipping cost. A little weird, but it worked out fine. I think they should reasses that.

If you have an issue with that, I suggest contacting them They were quick to respond to e-mail, I did not try their phone number.

Here are a couple of pictures of it mounted. I added some NC Star(yea, I know) keymod covers and I really like the feel and look. Not sure how durable they are though.

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Good buying experience- Trinity Force Triangular Keymod FF Rail.

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