dimanche 10 avril 2016

Gunsmith in the Bay Area to complete an mg42

Hey what's up guys. So I recently came across and purchased an mg42 parts kit. Now I've been looking into receivers to complete it. I certainly don't have the time or the tools to complete this mg42 and if like it to look amazing and run flawlessly. I'm planning on buying a semi completed receiver from brpguns.com. This one to be exact http://ift.tt/1VLVqTl
Does anyone know of or recommend a bad *** gunsmith in or near the Bay Area capable of completing this rifle for me? From my understanding I will just need to put a grip wrap on the pistol grip to make it A-OK to shoot. (Along with all the permanent semi auto configurations to be done to the rifle). Thanks in advance.

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Gunsmith in the Bay Area to complete an mg42

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