lundi 18 avril 2016

Home Depot Flashlight Closeouts

At my local HD I happened to stumble upon an aisle with a Closeout end cap where they had various products marked down up to 75% off regular price.

The best deals I saw were a couple of Rayovac Indestructible Series lights - the 3D cell DIY3DLN-BC 530 Lumen Lantern for $7.53 (reg $29.99) and the 3C cell DIY3C-BC 200 Lumen Flashlight for $6.33 (reg $24.99).

The Lantern has three brightness levels but the specs only list 530 lumens and 68 lumens. Run time is stated as 40hrs on High and 260hrs on the 68 lumen setting. The one I bought definitely kicks out an amazing amount of light on high. It seems very rugged and is no lightweight at 2lbs 12oz on my cheap scale. Specs claim 15' drop survival and it's rated IPX7 Waterproof/Submersible up to 3' for 30 minutes. For $7.53, I'm going back tomorrow and buying 3-4 more to give as gifts to extended family members.

On the C cell lights, my Brother has thrashed a couple of these for over a year and they have held up just fine. They have a High mode of 200 lumens and low of 80 lumens with runtime stated as 23hrs/78hrs. Drop rating is 30' and the light is said only to be ANSI FL 1 Water Resistant.

Am not a fan of either D or C cell batteries so will be buying Sanyo Eneloop D/C to AA Adapters and Eneloop rechargeable AA cells to use with the lights.

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Home Depot Flashlight Closeouts

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