dimanche 17 avril 2016

Is SHD required for frame only sale? NO

Hey all, was at a Turner's in So Cal yesterday to PPT a Gen 4 Glock 20 frame only. First thing the "Store Manager" said was "I can't complete the transfer without the slide". I said "yes you can". He said "no, because I need not only the caliber, but it must be a functioning firearm so the Buyer can perform the SHD". Even though both Buyer and I traveled at least an hour to meet there, Buyer just so happened to have a 21 upper in his car so I said "meh...just get it and let them do their thing", knowing that the manager was full of s&%$. So we did paperwork and when it came time to do the SHD, the salesman said "you know how to do it right?". Buyer said "of course". So they just signed the SHD form and NO actual SHD was performed. Ummmm...that made no sense!

To clarify, YES YOU CAN DROS A PISTOL FRAME ONLY, AND NO SHD IS REQUIRED. When the FFL enters the DROS info there is a drop down menu "frame only- yes or no". When yes is selected, the field for caliber is deactivated. For your reference: http://ift.tt/1U07CQc?

I always find it interesting when gun stores don't know wtf they're talking about. Scary, yet interesting.

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Is SHD required for frame only sale? NO

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