vendredi 15 avril 2016

Italian Beretta Gun Shop

Greetings folks. I'm currently overseas in Milan Italy on business. But being a gun enthusiast, I couldn't NOT try to find some local gun related activity here.

I went down to the Galleria Vittorio/Main City Square, with a gigantic shopping plaza. Lookie what I found there:

And yes, it's open to the public, and yes they do have guns. Mostly shotguns, but there was one rack for the classic Beretta pistols. And Beretta even let me take a few photos! Well, maybe it's because I told the store manager I was a Beretta owner. Heh.

This last picture is a rare 96G (rare in Europe anyway, for being a 40S&W gun) with actual Ivory grips.

I asked the store manager how hard it was for Italians to get guns. He said it wasn't so bad, just had to fill out the necessary paper work and pay the necessary fees. You could only have 3 centerfire handguns, 6 sports (or rimfire) handguns, but unlimited shotguns. He said it was very very rare to be allowed to carry for self-defense.

There was one customer who had an issue with the trigger pull of a Px4 storm, and surprisingly the store manager went to the back and actually took an unloaded one out, and tried to guide the customer through dry fire practice. Guess they're not just for show, you can probably fondle one (though I didn't ask).

From all the excitement I did not look at the prices these guns were going for, though I can only imagine they're going to be more expensive than the equivalent American versions.

But it was a nice chat with the store manager, and I even showed him a picture of my custom 92fs which he liked. Unfortunately I do leave very soon, so there's no time to try to go to the Beretta Factory, which is an hour away. That would have been very sweet, but the fates did not allow for that this time.

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Italian Beretta Gun Shop

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