mercredi 27 avril 2016

Just had an eye opening encounter - unprepared for home protection

So I'll admit I don't shoot much since my son was born last year. I clean my few firearms once in a while but just don't use them like I used to. Well, tonight around 7:30 I get a door bell ring. My wife is on the couch pumping milk for my son who is also on the couch sleeping. It's still light out so I figure I'll answer it. Some older guy holding a package says "are you expecting a package?" He has no uniform and his white beater minivan is in my driveway. I tell him no. I tell him my name. He says "Is Randy here?" and confirms the correct address. I say no Randy, wrong address.

Fast forward to 15 minutes ago. My wife is asleep with my son downstairs. We have a reverse floor plan home. I'm in my office downstairs and another doorbell ring. Dogs go crazy, I turn the stair light on and go peak thru the top glass of the front door. No peep hole. It looks like my porch light is out. Now my adrenaline goes and I high tail it back down to my office, hit the safe. Enter the combo and I hear a different noise, crank the wheel and nothing. WTF. Code is correct. Do it twice more. Weird sound. Still locked. I opened the safe just two days ago to put a purse I bought my wife for Mothers Day inside, without issue. I try again and slam the wheel and it opens.

My safe is in the office closet, behind a sliding glass door mirror. I installed a motion sensing led strip inside the closet to see the key pad, but no working light in the safe. Once open I can't see anything. I grab my unloaded Glock from the top shelf and look for a loaded mag. I can't find any of them, loaded or unloaded! Or 9mm ammo! WTF, I'm thinking. Outside the safe I dig through my range bag and find 3 empty mags, still no ammo.

At this point I grab my 590 and load 5 rounds in the tube. Safety on, chamber empty. I grab the Glock and paddle holster it and grab 2 empty mags. My ammo is in the garage upstairs... next to the front door.

I turn the light off and make my way back upstairs. Slightly peer out the small decorative window and ****, there's a guy standing 8 feet from my door, not moving. It's now been 5 minutes since the door bell ring. I know many say don't open the door, but I'm thinking if something is being planned I'd rather the game be played on my rules. I rack the slide, load a round. Finger off the trigger. Shotgun by my side. I open the door.

It's a second guy now, with a package. Just standing there. I don't see a vehicle this time. No uniform. I say what are you doing here. He says is "Randy here?" I say there is no Randy here and it is way too late to deliver packages. He sees my posture and hidden arm and I see he his face change and he says "Oh okay sorry" and leaves.

This is the first time I've felt a bad vibe from delivery guys. We never have received any packages this late. And the fact that I failed so miserably in being prepared to protect my family really has got to me. I don't know if those guys were legit or were casing my home, but I do know if they had kicked in my door after that second ring, I would not have access to the means to protect myself. This is definitely a lesson learned for me. All you guys that don't use your firearms very often, check that safe, check your mags, make sure your safe lights work and you have what you need close by.

That is all.

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Just had an eye opening encounter - unprepared for home protection

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