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L.A. County Supervisor Primary Election June 2016

The primary election of June 2016 has several candidates running for the open L.A. County Supervisor seat for the 5th district. That seat is being vacated by Mike Antonovich, a Republican, who, if I recall correctly, always defended the 2nd Amendment.

I have not seen any endorsements from the NRA, CRPA. or GOC for either the 5th District being vacated by Mike Antonovich or for the 4th District being vacated by Don Knabe, another Republican, for the L.A. County Supervisor area covering the "South Bay". The 5th District covers parts of San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley.

Only 5 Supervisors serve on the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, and the 2 Republicans, Antonovich and Knabe, are termed out. The Supervisors oversee the huge L.A. County Budget, the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept, and matters affecting millions of people living in Los Angeles County.

Does Calguns Management endorse any candidate? Who would you support for those open seats?

With respect to the 5th District, Mr. Antonovich endorsed his long time aide, Kathryn Barger, but my limited search of the Internet shows nothing about how she feels about the 2nd Amendment.

Mitch Englander, a Democrat, recently voted as L.A. City Councilman to ban the possession of all previously legally possessed and "grandfathered in" magazines holding more than 10 rounds, within L.A. City. So if you are living within L.A. City limits or happen to be merely driving through L.A. City on your way to the gun range, well, beware.

Elan Carr, a Republican, a prosecutor, is running. My search of the Internet only showed that he gave an interview to the "American Thinker" on March 25, 2014 when he ran for another office. When asked if he supported the 2nd Amendment, he replied: "I believe in waiting periods for background and mental health checks, registration and training requirements." I will leave it up to you as to what he means.

Bob Huff, a Republican, is a California State Senator who is the Republican minority leader in the State Senate. He is also running for the 5th district. He appears to have achieved an "A" rating by the NRA at one time. Answers to some questionairre indicated that he was in favor of CCWs and easing restrictions on citizens' gun rights.

Ara Najarian is the current Mayor of the City of Glendale. A couple of years ago, when the Glendale City Council considered a motion to remove the Glendale Gun Show off of Glendale City property, Ara Najarian very articulately and spiritedly defended ordinary citizens' right to own and possess firearms for self-defense in a very crowded City Council meeting. He was one of five City Councilmen and he spoke a long time in his ardent defense of the Second Amendment. He even had a slideshow prepared that included reminders of how so many people, including merchants, had to defend themselves with firearms against rioters and arsonists during the week long mayhem of the L.A. Riots. He was the sole opposition to removing the gun show in an initial 4 - 1 vote. Glendale City Council eventually removed the gun show a few months later by a vote if 3 - 2.

There are probably others running for the 5th District, but the candidates above are the ones whom I located in my limited Internet search.

My understanding is that the top two candidates who get the most votes go on to the November 2016 general election. So please register early and in time for the June 2016 primary and vote!

By the way, my understanding is that Mike Antonovich is running as the only Republican for the State Senate 25th District seat of termed out Senator Carol Liu, who got an "F" from the NRA, if I recall correctly. I think Mr. Antonvich is running against Anthony Portantino, the former State Assemblyman who authored the bill to ban "open carry" in California which was signed into law by the Governor. Mr. Antonvich got a "D", I believe from the NRA.

Exercise your right to vote! Thank you.

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L.A. County Supervisor Primary Election June 2016

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