mercredi 13 avril 2016

Lack of faith

I was raised Catholic. As an adult I have read the bible been to a few different churches and done the "purpose driven life" series with some family members through the local Christian church. Ive come to the conclusion I have no "faith". I feel like I reached the point where I should accept it or start looking at other religions if I seek to find it. Family tradition, a lack of interest in other religions and a sense of loyalty to the only religion I have ever known has kept me from looking elsewhere.

I have always wished I could find "faith". Something that I can say I believe in unequivocally. But the more I have looked the more I have come to realize that faith is for those who have it. Talking with those who do, they simply recite parts of the bible or tell me all I have to do is believe. It's never been an option for me.

Anybody else? I suspect there arent too many who visit the faith forum that don't have it.

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Lack of faith

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