mercredi 27 avril 2016

Looking to rehome a male GSP hunting dog

I posted last July bout a 4yr old(now5) GSP male. Hes housebroken though i have a doggy door, hes capable of jumping my 6 foot brick wall but hasnt done it in quite some time lol. I hunted him this last year and he and my female did pretty good, my female has no formal training but she has massive instinct so they worked really well as a pair, He does honor her points which i think is really cool since this was only my second year ever hunting. Hes been in contact with about 10 dogs since ive had him and 2 of those dogs he unfortunately had an incident with 1st time was definitely started by the other dog, the second time was because the other dog who we didnt know walked up to him and got into his face and he didnt like it apparently and went after her but after all the noise and commotion he did no damage to the other dog just mostly yelling at her i guess. He's actually a really good dog otherwise, but i think id be better off with just my female since its hard for me to handle them both like id like. Let me know if interested i can send pics if so. Just want him to go to a good home where he has what he has now if not more. He'd come with a Sportdog E-Collar a Transport Kennel(which he hates) a collar/leash and a bed, not looking to profit off him just trying to get some of what i got into him plus making sure the new owner is serious. Let me know via PM and those interested can text more pics.

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Looking to rehome a male GSP hunting dog

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