samedi 23 avril 2016

My middle son is a 'poolee' now

DefaultMy middle son is a 'poolee' now

He decided to join Marines, so he's a poolee now and probably shipping in October
Any Marine recruiters here, curious on how to go about getting him an actual job guarantee, his asvab was 76 I think on that overall score, the marine lines were like 113/114/115 across the line, 239 on the navy nuc
Not sure what options that gives him, but I was going to have him do some studying and take it again see if he can boost his score, as far as the recruiters, what is the path of least resistance for getting them on board with a retake, I know they aren't too keen on the idea
I'm already a member of the poolee Facebook page

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My middle son is a 'poolee' now

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