lundi 18 avril 2016

My wife is a hard drive killer

Today I spent most of my day working on my wife's computer. It's a custom Toshiba that she special ordered, and it was 2 days out of warranty. The hard drive died, so we went and got a new one from Best Buy. $55.00, so no big deal, except for that she had no backup discs, and thought she had some sort of recovery USB drive that ended up being unusable. The computer had Windows 8.1 on it, and all I had was a Windows 7 Ultimate disc, so that's what I installed. I had to switch the setting in the bios from UEFI to CMS to get Windows 7 to install, but that was only the beginning of pain. Most of the drivers for this laptop + Win 7 were available, but Toshiba's website doesn't exactly make it easy to get a full set of drivers. Instead you have to pick and choose, and hope that you got a full set. It took a couple hours.

My first laptop, about 15 years ago, was a Toshiba. The thing was almost bulletproof, and because of that I bought another one about 10 years ago, and it too was a solid computer that lasted a long time. This new one has not lived up to my expectations. Keep in mind, we ordered it straight from Toshiba, so it wasn't just some average laptop that you can find at Best Buy. I'm disappointed with Toshiba now, but I guess that's what the world of computers has come to. They're all crap.

So, about the title of the post, my wife killed the hard drive in her last computer, and we had a similar experience. I've never had a hard drive go out in one of my computers, so I think it's funny that it has happened to her twice in less than 2 years. It must be her

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My wife is a hard drive killer

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