vendredi 22 avril 2016

New E.A.A. Bounty Hunter .22 L.R. / .22 Magnum

Yesterday I picked up a new European American Armory "Bounty Hunter" 10 shot Convertible Revolver. This thing is MASSIVE! It weighs in at a whopping 45 ounces. This model comes in a 6, 8, and a 10 shot model. The 6 and 8 shot models are built on an alloy frame. But the 10 shot model is built on an all STEEL frame, that is identical to the centerfire Bounty Hunter Models. It is also about $150.00 more. But it's worth every cent.

The centerfire Bounty Hunter weighs around 38 ounces. The .22 rimfire is a full 7 ounces heavier because of the smaller chambers, along with the smaller .22 hole in the barrel. The cylinders swap out effortlessly, and the gun locks up nice and tight. It has a full transfer bar ignition like Ruger, so it can be safely carried with all 10 chambers loaded. For a fixed sight single action, the sights appear to be good. The front sight is a nice thick blade that fills the rear notch. This gun is much heftier than my Ruger Stainless Single Six Convertible. The cylinders are a full 1.733" in diameter. I doubt you could wear this thing out in a lifetime of shooting. Like most convertible .22's, I'm not expecting great accuracy from the Magnum cylinder. Most of these guns seem to shoot .22 L.R. ammo much more accurately than they do .22 Magnum, so we'll see. The gun is beautifully fit and finished for it's price. For anyone wanting a nice 10 shot model .22, check out the E.A.A. Bounty Hunter. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait to get some serious trigger time with this thing!

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New E.A.A. Bounty Hunter .22 L.R. / .22 Magnum

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