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Nicest gun range in SF Bay Area


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What is the nicest gun range in SF Bay Area in your opinion? I've personally only been to Sunnyvale and Metcalf ones due to them being closest to where I live. Between the two, I prefer the Sunnyvale one due to nicer benches, steel targets, and the fact that you can move your target from 25, to 50, to 100 yards without switching lanes.

What about you, what's your favorite and why?

I've been to 3 over the last couple of years.

Richmond Rod & Gun
Chabot Gun Club
San Leandro

I would say that of those 3 Chabot is the nicest. It has the most room, the most flexibility etc and limited wait times.

Richmond Rod & Gun is limited in size and the benches are tight if you have a lefty and a righty. Your also limited in range distances. Wait time for rifle can be long.

San Leandro has the smell, and only has a couple benches for 100yd so wait time for rifle is long.

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Nicest gun range in SF Bay Area

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