mardi 12 avril 2016

Outfitting Les Baer's

Vortex and SWFA are my two go-to brands... the PST is good, I got a lot of mileage out of mine but you might want to consider something with more internal elevation than the 6-24x50 depending on what type of shooting you like.

The Razor is that much better if you can push the buck. The SWFA HD 5-20 and Razor Gen 1 are on about level playing fields regarding glass but the controls and build of the Razor is much more refined.

The SWFA HD scopes offer really good glass for the cash, and excellent tracking, which is even more important, but they do have some cons like stiff parallax and zoom controls. Turrets are great.

Bushnell also makes a few scopes which are really nice, but I don't have much first hand experience with them.

The Burris PERP is fine, I have the QD models but they don't QD that well. I just leave them in place. There are others to consider, depending on what you want. If QD is important, look for something else.

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Outfitting Les Baer's

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