dimanche 10 avril 2016

PSA Freedom Kit- Gas ring already worn out...

...after just 300 rounds total? How is this possible? Could my bolt be overgassed and the gas block needs adjustment? Its just one ring that is shot out. Its got a gap 3 times the size of what it started out as, and its not a perfect circle anymore, a little bent out of shape.

On another negative note, I am getting ALOT of play between the upper and lower receivers. Not catastrophic, but way more than Im comfortable with. Is there a way to remedy this? Everything is PSA except the lower. Kinda bummed cause I really liked this build but im starting to wonder what else am I gonna find next time I take it apart after a range trip? Any PSA owners out there with the same issues?

There was ZERO play after I first assembled the rifle. Only play I had in the entire weapon was in the handguards and the stock assembly. Then after shooting the first 100 rds there was a minute amount of wiggle room and now, it is at the wobbling clattering stage.

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PSA Freedom Kit- Gas ring already worn out...

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