jeudi 14 avril 2016

Questions: LEO + DOJ want my friends father's guns

My friends elderly father has dementia and is very volatile, angry and potentially violent/suicidal. While he was in protective custody recently my friend took all his fathers guns from his house as a safety precaution.

The local PD and DOJ showed up at the father's house wanting the guns. My friend contacted them and said he had them all in a safe place away from the father. They told him to bring them down to the PD. My friend thinks if he does that he will never get them back because the father isn't going to get better. So he will never be able to legally claim them.

Can he turn them over to an FFL to sell with the PDs being in the loop? They are worth about $5k.

Would the son ever be able to get them back if he gave them to the PD? I assume he will inherit his fathers estate.

How does this usually go down and what is his best course of action?
Thanks for your time and service.

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Questions: LEO + DOJ want my friends father's guns

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