dimanche 10 avril 2016

Ruger American vs 10/22

What are your thoughts on a Ruger American woodstock 22" barrel VS a standard 10/22 synthetic carbine 18.5"? I already own the 10/22 and I was looking at the American to accurize it and make it a small game/pest rifle for on my property. Is the American a better build than the 10/22 for accuracy or is great accuracy perfectly capable from my 10/22 with a few modifications? I want to turn one of them into an iron sights only rifle and was thinking about doing it with the 10/22 and putting a good piece of glass on the American.

The second argument is to just buy the American anyway because you can never have enough great rifles. The turners near me has one on sale for $330.00 + fees which seems to be far below average.

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Ruger American vs 10/22

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