samedi 16 avril 2016

Thank you, Ruger.

I've never been what you might call a Ruger "fanboy". Sure, I own quite a few Rugers, but I've never been enamored with Ruger's bonehead positions on political gun issues.

But I have to say, today they rose quite a few notches in my book.

I had a malfunctioning SP101 2" .357 Magnum, with a cylinder that was not locking in one direction (clockwise from the shooters perspective). You could, with little effort, rotate the cylinder with the hammer down.

I bought the gun used (gun store consignment), with not too many rounds through it. When I discovered the problem, I took it to the shop that did the transfer, and asked for advice (this was about three weeks after I got it). I was really nervous that this used gun was going to end up costing me more than if I had just bought a new one from the beginning. They called Ruger the next day, and Ruger offered to pay shipping to send the gun in to them for repair.

I got the gun back today, turn around was a little over a week. Ruger replaced some internals (the latch and the pawl), tuned the gun, closed the cylinder gap some, and tested. The cost..... absolutely nothing. That's what I call, service.

Cudos to my dealer, too. Centerfire in Riverside, for all the help..

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Thank you, Ruger.

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