samedi 16 avril 2016

There's never a simple answer...

There's a saying: Ask 3 clergy the same question and you'll get three different answers. I'm finding that to be true regarding rifle choice and calibers.

My objective is finding a bolt action rifle, scope and caliber for Sunday fun range shooting to 300 yards that doesn't have much recoil (for about $600). Not just for myself but my 15 year old nephew who, other than a 10/22, has little experience with rifles.

I was two clicks away from getting a Mossberg Patriot in 243 w/ a Vortex scope ( when I was lead to this site - Terrible idea going there (and having spent much of my morning reading various threads) as I'm now more confused then ever.

My take is those forum participants are die hard 'snipers' and therefore anything but a Remington is garbage. With that understanding, no matter how often a newbie would ask for a beginners rifle recommendation on a budget, the only constant in most responses was to get a rifle (Remington) in 308.

Moving forward so this post doesn't drag, which caliber is better for recreational range shooting (no hunting) - a 243 (which many here seem to like along with the .223) or 308? What I read, a barrel in 243 is only good for 1,500 rounds before it shows signs of failure/poor accuracy. On the flip side, a 308 barrel is thicker with significantly more recoil.

Is there an easy answer?

On a related note, what is it about Mossberg or Ruger rifles that make people (at least in that forum) consider it the Yugo of rifles? Other than there are many more after-market accessories for Remingtons, are these two (and similar rifles) that bad? I figure not or they would have been out of business years ago. I'm wondering if I'm missing something? was easier finding a girlfriend than choosing a rifle.

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There's never a simple answer...

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