mercredi 27 avril 2016

Trim Dies for Dillon type trimmers - why so $$$?

So I've changed my mind and gonna go with a Titan trim Bosch router setup. I have the Bosch router already for wood stuff.

GSI sells two trim die packages. One is a two die setup for rough and finish and one is just a finish. Can't someone explain? If just using the rough die with a trimmer, do they need to be run through again? YouTube show 223 getting cut and sized to blackout in a single pass.

Why are there $50 Dillon trim dies and a $180 die? Isn't the blade for cutting on the motor? Why so much?

I'm going to need a 223 and 308 trim die. The Titan package for $215 comes with a blackout GSI Trim die. I assume it's the rough trim die.

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Trim Dies for Dillon type trimmers - why so $$$?

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