samedi 16 avril 2016

Very startling revalation about gunbelts...

I broke (tore off by the buckle) my $80 duty belt about a six months ago and needed something for EP duty and stopped by Wal-Mart to buy a cheap $11 dollar nylon/leather 1.5" tool belt just to hold me over to my next paycheck and I just realized I haven't bought another gunbelt. Turns out this piece of junk Wal-Mart belt is more comfortable and more durable than my overly expensive custom gunbelt...

I'll post some pictures of my entire load when I get off duty but I carry a SA Loaded 9mm target with 3 spares, handcuffs, a big surefire stinger DS flashlight, pepper spray and a baton.

It's pretty amazing to me that this thing has held up so well. My gunbelts usually show some wear and tear by now from all the close contact but this thing is going strong. And with all the weight I've lost it won't kill my wallet to buy another in the interum.

Now for my question: I don't really feel like rocking overseas Wal-Mart gear, so does anybody have any suggestions for a good mid priced gun belt (not a duty belt) that will hold up to serious wear and tear?

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Very startling revalation about gunbelts...

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