jeudi 14 avril 2016

Winchester SUPER X 22 LR ammo

DefaultWinchester SUPER X 22 LR ammo

After all the hoopla surrounding how crappy Winchester Super X 22 LR ammo is (on YouTube and every other forum), I was a little hesitant on using the Super X 22's I recently purchased from DICK's... I went to the range today and ran about 350 rounds of various configurations - HP and round nose, 1280, 1300 and 1435 fps - through my Ruger Mkiii Target. To my pleasant surprise, NOT A SINGLE HICKUP. No jams, no stovepipes, no failures of any kind. Then I tried running a few magazines of the stuff through my Walther P22 that loves CCI mini-mags, and couldn't get 2 shots in a row without a failure. Go figure...

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Winchester SUPER X 22 LR ammo

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