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WTS 9mm Mauser/Spreewerke P38 East German Rework - Only $400 - (LA County No Ship)

Location: Los Angeles County

Make: Mauser Werke/Spreewerke (read on for an explanation)

Model: P38

Caliber: 9x19mm

Will ship: No

Condition: Pre-Owned. There is visible finish/parts wear (see images for additional details).

Asking Price: Only $400 US Dollars (Firm, non-negotiable. Buyer pays PPT/DROS fees.)

Trades: I'm really more interested in cash, but I'm open to trades. Let me know what you have, the worst thing that can happen is that I will politely decline your offer.

Hello my friends, the item for sale is a P38 pistol.

No import markings appear to be visible.

Based on my research (as well as a consultation with a P38 collector), I believe it is an East German rework.

I base this assertion on the following observations:
1) The firing pin has an extra lug, which is indicative of East German manufacture/design.
2) The slide and barrel have been renumbered. The manner in which the original serial numbers were X'ed out appears to be consistent with the numbers I've seen on various other (confirmed) East German reworks.
3) The magazine has a number electro-penciled on the floorplate (the collector I consulted with stated that electro-penciling of the P38 magazines is significantly more indicative of a East German than Soviet P38 rework).

The left side of the slide is marked "byf 44", indicating 1944 manufacture by Mauser Werke.
The right side of the slide has mixed WaA style acceptance stamps (including E/135 and E/WaA135).

The barrel is marked "cyq" and "E/88" on the left side, indicating manufacture by Spreewerke. Additionally, it is marked with a "B" and "h" on the right side (and also what is possibly a VOPO shield).

The left side of the receiver is marked "E/88" (indicating manufacture by Spreewerke), and "181A" (underneath the grip panel).

The magazine is stamped "P38" on the left side, and "24" on the floorplate.
Additionally, the floorplate has been electropenciled with "1255" or "2255" (hard to tell).

The receiver is steel (confirmed with a magnet), and not aluminum.

An inspection of the bore indicates that the lands and grooves are still very prominent near the muzzle.

The right grip panel is likely Durofol, as it appears to exhibit marbling. It seems to be marked with a "P" over a "1528" and "3", all of which are contained in a circle.

The left grip panel oddly lacks the marbling, and is is marked with a circled "1".

I discarded the original recoil springs (as they were excessively worn out, and of incongruent length), and installed new Wolff recoil springs.

I also discarded the original magazine spring (as it was so worn that it was not able to lock the slide open on its power), and replaced it with a Wolff extra power magazine spring (now the slide locks open very positively).

Yes, the photos are not particularly flattering. There is definitely significant finish wear on this particular firearm, I'm not going to lie. If I ever owned a pistol that would benefit from a refinishing job, it'd be this one.

This is *not* a safe queen, let's all make sure we're on the same page about that. If you're after a high-end, mint-condition, all-matching P38 to be admired (but not fired), then believe me when I say that this is *not* the gun for you.

Conversely, if you would like being able to own an affordable P38 that you can blast away with all day (and perhaps use in a WW2 re-enactment), and not working about putting a scratch on, then this baby is for you!

Despite its cosmetic imperfections, I have test-fired the pistol, and determined that is in fully operational condition. Before doing so, I detail-stripped the pistol, and removed all cosmoline within (or at least all that I could see).

I (obviously) have no way of knowing how many rounds were put through this pistol over the past 70+ years. During my ownership, I have fired fewer than 100 rounds through this pistol (Federal American Eagle 115 grain FMJ).

The buyer will receive the following:

•P38 Pistol (with 1 magazine in total)
•Foam-Padded Hard Case (HK-marked, ironically enough)
•Leather Flap Holster
•Spare Wolff Service Pak Springs (hammer spring, extractor spring, auto firing pin lock spring, retainer latch plunger spring and cartridge indicator spring).

PPT Transfer Availability(s):
I am currently available to meet for a PPT at 10AM every day of the week. If this is not practical for you, I may (on a case by case basis) be available to meet later in the day.

FFL Transfer Location(s):
I would STRONGLY prefer to meet at the following FFL (all else being equal, buyers able to meet here get priority):
Alamo Pawn (West Covina)

I *may* (on a case by case basis, not guaranteed) be able and willing to meet at any of the FFLs below:
Aegis Trading Enterprises (Burbank)
Ammo Brothers (Cerritos)
Bolsa Gunsmithing (Westminster)
Gunrunners (Duarte)
Guns Direct (Burbank)
Insight Shooting Range (Artesia)
Jeff's Sporting Goods (San Gabriel)
LA Gun Club (Los Angeles)
Turner's Outdoorsman (Norwalk)
Turner's Outdoorsman (Orange)
Turner's Outdoorsman (Pasadena)
Turner's Outdoorsman (Signal Hill)
Turner's Outdoorsman (West Covina)
Other SoCal FFLs on a case by case basis. (Don't be afraid to ask, the worst thing that can happen is I'll say no. :-))

At this time, I will politely decline to meet at any of the FFLs below:
Bain & Davis (San Gabriel)
Gun World (Burbank)
Ling Sports (Hacienda Heights)
Martin B Retting (Culver City)
Riflegear (Fountain Valley) (until ~May 10)
Turner's Outdoorsman (Chino Hills)

•No shipping at this time. Cash only please.

•The first "I'll take it" (implying acceptance of my asking price) in this thread gets priority over any counter-offers or "I'm interested" statements.

•If multiple offer acceptances are made, item will be offered to next buyer in line if prior buyer fails to complete sale or maintain contact within a time frame I deem to be reasonable.

•If, in the event that the first buyer is unable to complete the transaction, the item will be offered to other Calgunners based *solely* on the order in which they post a "I'll take it" after the first buyer did. This keeps things fair for everyone, and you can always delete such a post if you change your mind before I get to you.

•The buyer will be given the opportunity to perform an inspection of the firearm when we meet at the FFL shop, prior to payment.

•All sales are final. I offer no warranty, express or implied.

•Buyer is responsible for all PPT/DROS fees at the dealer.

•Upon successful and smooth completion of transaction, I will leave positive iTrader feedback for the buyer.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.


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WTS 9mm Mauser/Spreewerke P38 East German Rework - Only $400 - (LA County, No Ship)

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