mercredi 13 avril 2016

WTS RCBS Dies & Herters Vintage Dies other Vintage stuff too

Hi I got some stuff for sale. All is probably used but not damaged, I got this stuff apart of a deal so I personally have never used any of it. Some have very light cosmetic surface rust discoloration.

Shipping is not included but will be USPS $3, $5, or $7 or $10 depending on your zip. Insurance is extra. combine items for better shipping.

Payment methods accepted are Paypal +3.5% (NO GIFT) no gun words OR USPS money order OR cash

Trades Ill accept are 357 Magnum brass doesn't need to be deprimed or cleaned, just functional.

Forum rules apply. Ill take it locks you in, either in thread or PM, time stamp will dictate winner, feel free to call out seconds or thirds... All questions in PM please. Ill take it's please follow up with PM including your zip code and payment method.

1) RCBS 303 British die set with shell holder - $23
2) 3RCBS 8spl 3 die set with also extra bullet seater die & plug for different bullet shape AND 357 decapper - $33
3) RCBS 223 die set with shell holder - $23 possible combo with #4
4) Wilson 223 case length gauge - $15 or combine to RCBS die set for $10 more
5) Vintage Lee Classic Loader 38/357 - $35
6) Herters 270 Win die set, looks unused - $25
7) Herters 243 Win die set, also that's a cutaway die - $25
8) Herters 30-30 die set - $25
9) Herters Glass bedding stock kit DIY, looks unused but the vile has a dried out wax? Check next post for pics - $20
10) Herters primer pocket swaging tool for military brass, comes with the die and mandrel, check next post for pics - $10

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WTS RCBS Dies & Herters Vintage Dies other Vintage stuff too

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